Rocketzoid focuses on corporate management, business development, and technology consulting.

Rocketzoid Franchise Consulting
We are an employee-owned company

Corporate Management

Don’t know where to start? We can help with startups, look at franchise opportunities, organize, and get past hurdles that keep you from success. We can help with outside counsel such as legal advice, accountants, and financing that specialize in your industry.


Business Development

Do you know how to get those customers? We can help either to get you introduced to the people you need to know, help you to win new business with proposal support, or to help ensure your spending that development money effectively!


Technology Consulting

We have extensive experience in technology consulting to your idea to the right people who need it or to improve the effectiveness of your company. Having an independent party with experience can ensure you have exactly the technology you need for your business.

Don’t know where to start?

You know you want to start a business? Perform an assessment and we will schedule an appointment with you to layout a plan to achieve your dream!
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Buy a Franchise

Are you wanting to franchise?

Click "Begin Assessment" to receive a confidential questionnaire that helps me to align your needs with the right franchise and ensures the franchisor of your qualifications.

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We are a registered Business Alliance consulting firm with hundreds of franchising partners.

Financing Inquiry

Do you need funding? Don’t know where to start? Set up a free no-risk consultation appointment so we can help you select the right financing path. We have many financial institutions that we currently work with and picking the right kind of financing is critical.
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Business Development Help

Navigating the world of large business and government entities is not only difficult but very frustrating. You go to the Small Business Development Centers and nothing comes from all the information they give you. We know this and have done it many times over. Whether you are targeting a huge corporation or a government entity, let us help you navigate the cruel waters and dashed hopes.

Set up a no-cost initial consultation.  Our fees are low for our time if you decide to get some help from our team. You will be asked for your contact information also.

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Just Need Some Advice

Struggling with getting everything setup or you would just like some advice? Set up a free no-risk initial consultation appointment. Our team has been there and done that. We have a depth of bench expertise that covers multiple industries. Even advice on whether something is a good idea and is not a shark can help.

Franchise Partners

A small sampling of the hundreds of available franchise organizations that Rocketzoid represents.